VICISU 2010 – General Information

The 2nd Vienna International Christian-Islamic Summer University 2010 has taken place in Stift Altenburg, a Benedictine monastery in Lower Austria from 4 to 24 July 2010. The monastery, also known for its “Garden of the Religions”, combines a unique atmosphere with the conveniences of a modern conference hotel.

The Summer University has brought together 43 students from universities in Christian and Muslim countries. The three week programme consisted of 9 main courses, afternoon workshops and evening talks. The professors came from the University of Vienna and from universities in other European and non-European countries.

The courses in the field of law, theology and social sciences included topics like introduction to Islam and Christianity, interreligious dialogue, human rights and human freedom from the Muslim and the Christian perspectives, gender and religion, constitutionalism in a globalised world, religion and the State, religious pluralism, minority issues and others.

In addition the programme included excursions to Vienna and in the country side, evening programmes as well as sports and cultural activities.

To get an impression of the 2nd Vienna International Christian-Islamic Summer University, please also watch the documentary feature “Through the Word” done by Issa Shaker, a Palestinian/Dutch filmemaker and VICISU 2008 alumni.

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